The thin section illustrates the folded metasedimentary banding, with fine grained quartz, muscovite, and chlorite.

Colour - colourless - pale green - green. We promise that its purpose really is to give you a feel for chlorite, not to overwhelm you with incoherent information.

Skyros, Greece . Chloritoid in a muscovite–chlorite phyllite. Right: Monazite oriented N-S. Monazite can be very pale yellow-green in thin section. the reaction products appear in thin section to occupy all of the original biotite volume. The width of …

There are also books of chlorite visible at … Chlorite. monoclinic (Fe-rich -; Mg-rich +) Relief - low. Chlorite is often found with biotite, garnet, staurolite, andalusite, muscovite, chloritoid, and cordierite in pelitic rocks. In this and other studies of the biotite chlorite reaction. It can also be found with feldspars, quartz, calcite, dolomite, olivine, plagioclase, rutile, ilmenite, titanite, magnetite, chromite, sulfides, zircon, and zeolites. chlorite thin section; Annual report . Non-silicates; Silicates. In mafic rocks, it occurs with talc, serpentine, actinolite, hornblende, epidote, and garnet. bright green, strongly coloured chlorite, here as an alteration of garnet is a blueschist (with sphene, glaucophane and epidote) PPL. Interference colours - 1st order, frequently anomalous .

The pale blue to yellow pleochroism of the chloritoid, and its high relief, contrasts sharply with lower relief, pale yellow to green pleochroic chlorite. This rollover shows chloritoid, the elongate mineral, in both plane polarized light and cross polarized light.

XPL image, 10x (Field of view = … ng several types. RI - 1.57-1.69. S.D. In thin section, Chlorite shows low relief and low birefringence, with a characteristic midnight blue to black anomalous interference color. Richardson, in Encyclopedia of Environmental Health, 2011. Chlorite, widespread group of layer silicate minerals occurring in both macroscopic and clay-grade sizes; they are hydrous aluminum silicates, usually of magnesium and iron. Left: Zircon oriented N-S. Zircon is usually colorless in thin section. Properties - In hand specimen, chlorite is recognized by its green color, micaceous habit and cleavage, and association with other minerals like actinolite and epidote. Atlas of Minerals in thin section. Note the lamellar twinning present in xpl. Key optical features of chlorite in thin section: Green to Pale green Pleochroic Single cleavage and straight extinction Moderate Relief Low order (almost isotopic) and anomalous interference colours (see below) . Birefringence - 0.00-0.02. Chlorite (with purple interference colors) and magnetite crystals in a Chlorite schist. We have used transmission Details of the dark cross of a chiastolite (St-Jacques-de-Compostelle) Amphibolite, Auvergne, France : Amphibolite, Auvergne, France. Chlorite thin section photomicrographs are taken in plane-polarized light and cross-polarized light, and can easily be recognized under the microscope. Ghinivert (Alpi del Monginevro;Alpi Cozie), Italy. Plane-polarized light, field widths are 0.3 mm. This chloritoid grain has prominent twinning, evident in parallel stripes having somewhat different pleochroic colors. Trust us: once you learn to recognize it in all its many guises, you’ll never not know it … Large porphyroblasts of chloritoid exhibit greenish brown/blue pleochroism, blocky shapes and poor cleavage.

Peralkaline Granite thin section The information below, then, may seem a bit scattered and/or vague. Biotite and chlorite, France (Pyrénées) Lazurite from Afghanistan. Garnet, chlorite and mica from the Alps. Igneous Rocks. This grain has developed a light-brown radiation halo in the adjacent garnet. The name chlorite encompasses a variety of Mg-rich phyllosilicates which are difficult to tell apart without detailed chemical studies. Nesosilicates; Sorosilicates; Cyclosilicates; Inosilicates; Phyllosilicates; Tectosilicates; Atlas of Rocks in thin section. Chlorite is a DBP formed with chlorine dioxide treatment, and it is currently regulated at 1.0 mg l −1 in the United States. Chlorite in sandstones forms as both early (∼20 °C) and late cements and grain replacements (Grigsby, 2001). A thin section from the dike one milenortheast of Batchellerville shows: 60 per cent lath-shaped plagio-clase (andesine to labradorite) ; 25 per cent hypersthene (faintlypleochroic) ; 10 per cent biotite (much changed to chlorite) ; and 5per cent magnetite (much changed to leucoxene). The name, from the Greek for “green,” refers to chlorite’s typical colour. Parry and Downey con-sidered the possibility that "biotite is replaced by an equiv-alent volume of chlorite", although they also state that sphene is an alteration product. As described in Section, early chlorite may exert a profound effect on porosity in late diagenesis as a result of its inhibitory effect on quartz cementation. Common minerals that might be confused with chlorite and occur in similar rocks:

Migmatite, Auvergne, France : Gneiss, unknown origin. Chlorite Group Minerals.

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