If you have a warm skin tone then try golden, yellow, or red hues. With thoughtful eyeshadow choices, your brown eyes will smolder every time. Others think of reptilian creatures. They practically sparkle with flecks of gold, copper, and honey. Some compare this to “cat eyes”. Copper brown is a warm and rich burnished brunette shade which suits almost all skin types and tones and looks regal with green, hazel brown and blue eyes. Dark brown dimensions and brunette or caramel highlights bring out the light hints of color in brown eyes. That’s because shades of amber can be light or dark and contain a yellow copper tint with hues of green-hazel and brown. A person is said to have amber eyes when the reflective light from their iris casts off a near translucent, golden color.

Copper Brown Hair for Brown Eyes instagram/vany_sessa If you want your hair color to be subtle and looking as natural as possible, consider a copper brown shade that will complement both brown eyes and a … This type of eye color is most common in Asia and South America, yet still, its occurrence remains slight. The eyes present with a yellow-copper tint due to a yellow colored pigment known as lipochrome. Cool skin tones with brown eyes should try intense shades like white blonde, silver grey, and jet black. The Science Behind the Amber Eye. Over 55% of the world has them, Van Morrison dedicated a song to them, and makeup artists love to work with them—proof that contrary to the ridiculous myths we grew up hearing, brown eyes are far from boring. The color variants range from a golden high amber to a deeper more rich copper color. This hair color is a hot take on the red dye with opulence and elegance.

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