The La Cosa Nostra Family in Philadelphia has been in a steady decline ever since the trigger happy boss Nicky Scarfo took the reins back in the 1980s. During this time, law enforcement and the media started calling the family the Bruno crime family. Bruno’s father was a … The Philadelphia crime family, also known as the Philly Mob or the Lavina crime family is an Italian-American Mafia (La Cosa Nostra) organized crime family based in Philadelphia and surrounding neighborhoods. Angelo Bruno (born Angelo Annaloro; ; (May 21, 1910 – March 21, 1980) was a Sicilian-American mobster, notable for being boss of the Philadelphia crime family for two decades until his assassination. Decades later, however, the Philly mob has finally quieted down a bit. Anastasia isn’t convinced of the rift, though. According to Philadephia’s FOX 29, the family is broken up into four factions, overseen by Merlino, Ligambi, Narducci and Joe “Joey Punge” Pungitore. The Philadelphia Crime Family, also known as the "philly family," is a branch of the mafia that operates in Philadelphia. Browsing: Philadelphia Crime Family. The Philadelphia crime family, also known as the Bruno-Scarfo crime family, the Philadelphia Mafia,[8][9] the Philly Mob/Mafia,[10][11][12] or the Philadelphia-South Jersey Mafia,[13][14][15] is an Italian-American Mafia family based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Philadelphia Mafia. The gang becomes involved with them after coming across their shipment of cocaine. See more ideas about Crime, Mafia gangster and Mafia. He is also known to be the longest-serving crime boss of the Philadelphia family. The Pittsburgh crime family, also known as the LaRocca crime family or Pittsburgh Mafia, is an Italian-American Mafia crime family based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States. Nov 2, 2018 - Explore scottp4939's board "Philadelphia Crime Family" on Pinterest. Annaloro is best known for contributing to the construction and operation of casinos in Atlantic City. Newer Post Older Post … It’s a bit unclear as to how much of the traditional leadership structure is still in place and exactly how organized the Cosa Nostra family is today. They are known to be dangerous gangs (" The Gang Gets Whacked (Part 1) ") ters involved in the drug trade. The Philadelphia ''family'' of organized crime has emerged with new leadership, growing ranks and increased wealth and power from a two-year series of … The Bruno crime family patriarch, Angelo Bruno, emigrated to the United States from Sicily in the early 1900s, and his family settled in Philadelphia. Philadelphia crime family enters 2020.

Angelo Bruno, Chicago Outfit, Mafia Families, Mobsters, … Five Families Chicago Outfit Philadelphia crime family Cleveland crime family Patriarca crime family DeCavalcante crime family Detroit crime family: Rivals: Various gangs in the Pittsburgh area. Mob History: Footage of Nicky Scarfo, Phil Leonetti, and the 1980s Philly Mafia.

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Murders, turncoats, and a lust for notoriety played a big role in decimating a once successful crime family.

The Philadelphia family is notorious for its violence, due in particular to its succession of violent bosses and multiple mob wars. Share to Twitter Share to Facebook No Comments. January 21, 2020 Dapper_Don.

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