Attainment Company AAC Devices (Digitized), Software, Books, Low-Tech AAC aids, Work-related activities, Videos. Non-dedicated devices are those mainstream electronic devices such as a smartphone, an iPad or a laptop, to which AAC software or applications (apps) have been added. Many of the makers of AAC devices offer helpful information on their web sites. Forbes AAC offers an extensive line of keyguards that can be manufactured to almost any AAC application and configuration. Built for every day adventures, the I-110 is the ultimate touch-based speech generating device for Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC), tailored for real life. Several prominent vendors are listed below. Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) Assistive Technology Companies A sampling of companies in the AT industry. All these devices can run the 3 different methods of language representation, namely text based (spelling/word prediction), single-symbol page-based (Unity 1 hit MAPs) & Minspeak the unique approach of sequencing symbols to generate individual words. Our AAC Communication Solutions offer advanced functionality and user-friendly features, making communication fast and easy. Our wide selection of augmentative and alternative communication solutions (AAC devices) offers many choices for you to customize the experience of expressing thoughts, needs, wants, and ideas. The TRU-Hold Keyguards help with touch access and with their rigid attachment system, they are ready for any challenging scenario. The CoreWord Language System provides AAC users with a powerful combination of core language, fringe vocabulary and banks of key phrases. Dedicated AAC devices. During the assessment, multiple types of AAC are trialed and various high-tech devices are trialed to determine if a high-tech device is appropriate for the individual. A very simple solution for people with very few motor skills is a simple Talking Button, to share experiences at the touch of a button. Communication Devices. Gus Communications Inc. A device is obtained through an AAC evaluation with a speech language pathologist, SLP. Our wide selection of augmentative and alternative communication solutions (AAC devices) offers many choices for you to customize the experience of expressing thoughts, needs, wants, and ideas. To begin, you’ll need a communication evaluation by a speech-language pathologist (SLP), so visit your doctor or neurologist to get the process started. Prentke Romich Company (PRC) communication aids, comprising the Accent range. Features exceptional durability, performance, and reliability. … ACI Links The following websites provide information and services relevant to the AAC community. If it is appropriate, then the SLP will help determine which high tech device and language system on the device is appropriate. Prentke-Romich .

Medical Device and Equipment Companies. This may include technical support information, teaching tips, programming guides, and even free downloads of the software that comes installed on their devices. It features a row of icons that can be easily pressed to play pre-recorded messages. There are several small steps to take in order to get an eyegaze communication device—don’t worry, we’ll walk you through them and answer any questions along the way! Cyrano Communications Portable communication tool giving people a voice. EnableMart is proud to be your one-stop solution for quality assistive devices at affordable prices.

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