5 Min Quiz Image: Test Hero Credit About This Quiz "Turn on the blowers, let's go bounce some bogeys!" The United States Air Force is a haven for all sorts of lingo. It gets extremely awkward when Air Force types brag about flying F-15's and F-16's. USAF retort is "The Navy flew F-14's!" AVIATION SLANG-PILOT SLANG ... (Navy pilots transmit "My nose is cold" before refueling from Air Force tankers). If you're thinking about joining the Air Force, you might want to think about brushing up on your Air Force lingo. Do You Know Your Air Force Slang? Base-X: The last place you were stationed; and it was ALWAYS better than where you are now. HISTORY By: John Miller.

Some of these probably predate the Air Force and go back to its Army origins. The US Air Force, like many organizations, has bred its own vernacular of slang and jargon. Taco – An Air Force term for recieving an "unsatisfactory" grade on a training exercise due to the vague taco-shape of the letter "u."

(See F-18) Barkatraz: Barksdale Air Force Base. Some may be older than that. Duh. Barn: A hangar. COD - Carrier On-Board Delivery aircraft. How well do you know Air Force slang? Each branch of the military has its own slang, words reserved for the men and women serving at home and abroad.

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