Origin of ally The common nouns are ally (a friend) and alley (passageway, walkway, or street) We are naming our daughter Allison.

"I knew you were going to be an ally," she murmured under her breath. Englisch-Deutsch-Übersetzungen für to ally im Online-Wörterbuch dict.cc (Deutschwörterbuch). Report 0 Reply to Post. Allie, Ali, or Alli.

If the violence continues, they risk alienating one of their most powerful allies. Financing That Fits.

And then the body becomes the good friend or ally, or servant or instrument of the mind. Cuba became an ally of the Soviet Union in the 1950s. a person who associates or cooperates with another; supporter. a plant, animal, or other organism bearing an evolutionary relationship to another, often as a member of the same family: The squash is an ally of the watermelon. August 2009 in Baby Names. An alley or alleyway is a narrow lane, path, or passageway, often reserved for pedestrians, which usually runs between, behind, or within buildings in the older parts of towns and cities. Ally comes from the Latin word alligare , meaning "to bind to," like nations who are allies in wartime … For all other questions, concerns, or comments please email shop@alliebess.com ally If you have an ally , you have someone who is on your side, like a more experienced teammate who is your ally in convincing the coach to give you more playing time. : to form or enter into an alliance two factions allying … What way would you suggest we spell "Allie". a person who associates or cooperates with another; supporter. Locate a dealer that offers Ally auto financing options. Buy A Vehicle. Welcome to the professional page of Allie Berube featuring her work and updates. a plant, animal, or other organism bearing an evolutionary relationship to another, often as a member of the same family: The squash is an ally of the watermelon. transitive verb. Sheer1005. Italy was at loggerheads with Austria, her ally, and about to break.

1. partner, friend, colleague, associate, mate, accessory, comrade, helper, collaborator, accomplice, confederate, co-worker, main man (slang, chiefly U.S.), bedfellow, cobber (Austral. : to unite or form a connection or relation between : associate He allied himself with a wealthy family by marriage. I like Allie but my husband wants Alli or Ali, I am just afraid people will think of the "fighter" Ali or Alli the diet drug. The name Allie or Ally may be a nickname for Allison or Alice. informal), coadjutor, abettor He is a close ally of the Prime Minister. NATO allies have decided to send peace-keeping troops to the troubled … He might have found in me an ally to aid him in the urging of his suit. intransitive verb. or old-fashioned N.Z. Financing Options; What To Know; FAQs; Find A Dealer. 6.1K likes. I think there should be two LL's because there are two in the formal spelling. Allie Berube, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Whatcha think?

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