… Paul's Second Missionary Journey Map SEE MAP. Paul's Letters are integrated into the story of the Acts of the Apostles at the points in his journeys when they are generally believed to have been written . Paul's Missionary Journeys.

Born an Israelite in Tarsus around the same time of Jesus and John the Baptist Acts 22:3, Phil 3:5; He was a Roman citizen by birth right Acts 22:28; Paul starts school at age 6 or 7 where the OT would be the focus of his study. Below is a comprehensive list of Biblical places linked or related to the Apostle Paul's life and ministry.

Many of the disciples were driven from Jerusalem and the city of Antioch in Syria was gaining importance in the early church. 50 Paul arrives in Corinth (Acts 18:1). 49 Claudius passes an edict expelling all Jews from Rome (Acts 18:2). Maps of the Missionary Journey's of Paul the Apostle in the First Century A.D. As it is written in the Acts (22:21), Paul was the missionary selected by God to spread the Gospel throughout what at the time was considered the “whole world.”.

Paul says he will send Artemas or Tychicus to Titus. Brief Overview of Paul's Visit to Antioch of Syria in His First Missionary Journey # 1 The Word of God grew and multiplied and also much persecution. 49 Paul and Barnabas meet with elders in Jerusalem (Acts 15).

The New Testament delineates at least fifty cities visited during his (at least) five major travels or missionary journeys. To navigate the timeline, click and drag it with your mouse, or click on the timeline overview on the bottom. THE SECOND MISSIONARY JOURNEY. Paul's First Missionary Journey Map SEE MAP.

The apostle Paul is an amazing individual who influenced Christianity more than any other person short of Jesus Christ. The missionary voyages of the apostle Paul from Jerusalem to Rome. Welcome | Jesus Christ | The Bible | Bible Refs. This map also shows much of the Roman Empire in the time of Paul and his journeys. Paul was a follower of Jesus Christ who famously converted to Christianity on the road to Damascus after persecuting the very followers of the community that he joined. Learn More. A CHRONOLOGY OF THE APOSTLE PAUL J.Paul Tanner,ThM,PhD 2nd Edition:February25,2003 INTRODUCTION Any attempt toreconstruct a chronology for the events inthe l ife of Paul must admit tosome degree of approximation, thoughwe can"come close" todating certainaspe cts of the Apostle's life. Map 12. Timeline of the Apostle Paul Note: The chronology and dating of the events in Paul's life are … The apostle Paul was one of the most prolific early Christian writers of the New Testament. 50 Paul and Silas set out on second missionary journey. At age 13 he would go through bar mitzvah, assuming full obligation of the law.

Paul's First Missionary Journey with Map. Paul's Four Missionary Journeys began with his first one around 45 AD and ended around 60-61 AD with his fourth and final voyage to Rome. 50-51 Paul writes 1 & 2 Thessalonians.

3 BC – 34 AD. MAPS 12-32 - THE STORY OF THE EARLY CHURCH . including the New Testament Letters: The Letters are not in their normal New Testament Order, but in the date order generally agreed by most scholars. Timeline of the Apostle Paul .

Born an Israelite in Tarsus around the same time of Jesus and John the Baptist Acts 22:3, Phil 3:5; He was a Roman citizen by birth right Acts 22:28; Paul starts school at age 6 or 7 where the OT would be the focus of his study. Inreviewing the scholarship of others,twokeydecisions have strong bearing onmos t everything … Antioch of Syria. 42 CE - 62 CE: Paul the Apostle goes on missionary journeys across Asia Minor, Greece, and Rome. 3 BC – 34 AD. Following his last great missionary journey, the Apostle Paul returns to Jerusalem. SETTING THE SCENE. Available at Amazon.com: Evidence and Paul's Journeys.

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