blackpink – playing with fire (japanese ver. Rom: iLyricsBuzz English: popgasa. So comment below and tell me which song you want and I will do my best to make it happen (BUT you must be subscribed to make requests!) My love is on fire Now burn baby burn bermain dengan api My love is on fire jangan main-main denganku boy bermain dengan api. BLACKPINK lyrics - 39 song lyrics sorted by album, including "Kill This Love", "Whistle (휘파람)", "Stay". aku tak dapat mengendalikannya api ini merambat dengan cepat. Lyrics: So what’s the answer So what are you going to do now I’ll break ya break ya heart Never asked for much Don’t even try. Oh no, I've already come too far 17. BLACKPINK also released a dance practice video for “Playing With Fire” on their official YouTube channel on November 4, 2016 (KST). I can't put it out, Our love is like playing with fire (Oh oh oh oh) 12. Original Song. None of this is a game anymore 18. the following lyrics from teaser videos and the original korean version that are presumed to remain the same (like english lyrics). Paroles et traductions - BLACKPINK: Kill This Love, 마지막처럼, 뚜두뚜두, Sure Thing, 휘파람, 불장난, 붐바야 My love is on fire (Ooh) 15. Lyrics for PLAYING WITH FIRE -JP Ver.- by BlackPink. So don't play with me boy, Playing with fire 16.
BLACKPINK lyrics with translations: Kill This Love, 마지막처럼, 뚜두뚜두, Sure Thing, 휘파람, 불장난, 붐바야 Click here. I will do my best to upload as much as possible for you guys :) I love making these lyric videos for you so I hope you like them too!

stay tuned for any lyrical updates! My love is on fire (Ooh) 13. )* lyrics : official lyrics will be released upon the song’s release around july-august this year. jangan hentikan aku cinta kita akan terbakar malam ini. Now burn, baby burn, Playing with fire (Oh oh oh oh) 14. Let the wind blow, the fire will grow 20. I also do requests for lyric Videos too! Song: Kick It (English Translation) Album: KILL THIS LOVE Year: 2019. [Jennie] My love is on fire [Lisa] Now burn baby burn [Jisoo] Buljangnan [Jennie] My love is on fire [Lisa] So don’t play with me boy [Jisoo] Buljangnan [Lisa] Oh no nan imi meolli wabeoryeoneungeol Eoneusae i modeun ge jangnani anin geol Sarangiran ppalgan bulssi Bureora baram deo keojyeoganeun bulgil Ige yaginji doginji uri eommado molla “…” denotes entirely unknown lyrics. Love is like a spark of fire 19. Romanization English; uri eomman maeil naege malhaesseo eonjena namja joshimharago sarangeun machi buljangnan gataseo dachinikka Eh eomma mari kkok majeuljjido molla neol bomyeon nae mami tteugeopge daraolla duryeoumbodan neol hyanghan kkeullimi deo keunikka … Black Pink - Playing with Fire Lyrics (English & Romanization) 11:05:00 PM Album: SQUARE TWO Release Date: 2016.11.01. Don’t pick up the words I just tossed around I ain’t nothin” like The same same girls that you’ve had Yeah, I just do what I want. ママにいつも言われてたの 男には気をつけて 恋は火遊び見たいで 怪我するからね ママはいつも正しかった 君と会う度熱くなるんだ 怖さいより惹かれる君に 焦がれて 震える恋 心は On and on and on 君に捧げたい私の全てを Look at me look at me now …

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