Sandi Mann is a senior lecturer at the University of Central Lancashire.

A common cause of boredom in adults is a dull job or work environment. You're Bored-Out Boredom at work can have severe consequences.

But you can turn things around. They might be sad, but they also might just lack interests and have lost the capacity to enjoy anything.


Boredom reveals the potential problems you have at work: Your interest and your work don’t match. Feeling apathetic and uninterested is a type of boredom that often arises from feelings of helplessness. Boredom at work occurs more than 25% of the time. Mark this post as helpful.

Here’s how… Boredom at work: we’ve all experienced it. In the same way that workplace stress is now given due consideration in most organisations, workplace boredom must be given equal prominence if we are to retain skilled, motivated and healthy workers. They lack any joie de vivre . This type of boredom is common in high school students [2] …

Boredom is a horrible feeling.

The type of boredom that can cause depression is called existential or apathetic boredom; in Alex Lickerman's article "Boredom," he defined it as the inability to find anything interesting in life. Talk any time. Forums / Employment and workplaces / Extreme boredom in the workplace. 60). Boredom is a normal response to some situations. I've heard boredom is a form of stress, well it certainly demotivates me. All this, and yet the 8 hours I spend at work is so utterly deflating. Topic: Extreme boredom in the ... perhaps there is a way to put this boredom in its' place, leave it at work don't let work affect the other parts of your life that you are achieving and doing so well in. For some people, boredom is part of depression. Boredom at work is, then, a problem of which employers and employees are becoming increasingly aware. You are half way there mate, you can do this. Boredom is frequently an indicator of depression, but it can also be a precipitator or trigger. Erich Fromm makes the connection between boredom and depression when he says “Boredom is the average state of melancholia, whereas melancholia is the pathological state of boredom that one finds in certain individuals” (Fromm, The Pathology of Normalcy, pg.

In this case, having depression can cause existential boredom just as existential boredom can cause depression. But, boredom is a natural feeling, and science actually says it could be a good thing. You might experience apathetic boredom if you feel trapped in your life and unable to change your circumstances. I sit on my ass all day a scroll through Facebook, play Tetris online and generally try to fill time in, only to get home and feel like doing nothing more than collapsing on the couch. At work, it can make us feel miserable, unmotivated, and even guilty. Problem solving is a skill for life and work you can pick up through our free online Young Professional training.Boredom is a life/work problem to solve just like any other! The Real Reason Why You’re Bored at Work. Handling it the right way can make all the difference in your career.

And while there are no tests to diagnose boredom, boredom that lasts for long periods of time, or occurs frequently, may be a sign of depression. Productivity You're Not Burnt-Out. It’s very common that our work doesn’t match our interest, but we might not realize it sometimes.It’s good for you to think about why you applied for this job and why you started your job at the first place:

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