A boring tool is used with lathes and other CNC machines that require boring operations. When clamping tunable boring bars, it is important to minimize the overhang length. The max recommended overhang varies with the material the bar is made from. Small Diameter Standard Boring Bar SELECT STANDARD BORING BAR AND REDUCTION … Boring holes on a milling machine requires the use of an adjustable boring head, which adds complexity to the setup. Boring Bar Shars Tool stocks a comprehensive selection of boring bars, boring bar holders, and boring bar sets designed to meet your needs. Where one boring bar will work, another may not.

This must be balanced with leaving enough room for chips to evacuate.

With a variety of indexable configurations, coolant through capabilities, indexable insert variety, and sizes, our stock is sure to get you the right bar for the right job. Material specifications It is important to note that KM tunable boring bars are 180° reversible, enabling the bar to be used for boring and for OD turning. Boring bars are made of different materials, and they all have different diameter to length ratios.

Steel has a general overhang ratio of about 4:1 (overhang:diameter) and carbide bars can go 8-10:1. Overall Length (L1): Total length of the tool. The most common materials … The most commonly used boring heads shift the boring bar closer to or farther away from the axis of the hole to achieve the desired hole diameter. These boring heads are inexpensive.

Boring bars are used to enlarge or finish the inside diameter of a workpiece. The following is required to quote for a suitable boring bar: Part drawings or key dimensions (length of the bore, diameter, tolerances required, critical relationships between features). Boring bars, also called a lathe boring bar, are cutting tools used for creating bores in workpieces.

I assume you're talking about a boring bar for the lathe. It is also beneficial to maximize the boring bar and shank diameter as this will increase the rigidity of the tool. In boring applications, the diameter to length ratio is the biggest contributor to vibration. Shop Boring Bars on Amazon.com. They are defined by various dimensions, the material they are made from, and the material they can be used with.

Common dimensions …

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