It's no wonder... the Undercover .38 is one of the Revolvers that put Charter Arms on the map, and it's still going strong today. Charter Arms® Undercover .38 Special Snubnose Revolver .

Gun Review: Charter Arms .357 Magnum Target Mag Pug Revolver. $335.51. Charter Arms …

Out of stock. They make the Bull Dog 44 mag and 357 mag. Add to Wishlist | Add to Compare; Charter Arms Undercover Standard Revolver Single/Double 38 Special. It was conceived by American engineers who wanted a new and different handgun design while keeping with the traditions established in New England’s “Gun Valley.” Located in Shelton, Connecticut part of New England's Gun Valley, gun making is a tradition that stretches back for generations. Gun Review: Colt King Cobra .357 Magnum Revolver ... Charter Arms Bulldog Hgr 44 Spl 5 Shot 2.5 Inch Bbl Nitride Std Grip Fixed Sights. In fact, Connecticut based Charter Arms currently produces several variants of its Bulldog revolver in .44 Special ¾ all 100 percent U.S. made and offering a lifetime warranty. The Bulldog Classic is Charter Arms’ iconic revolver that was first manufactured in 1973.

Charter Arms 74421 bulldog 44spl DAo ss, 2.5" bbl, weighs 21 oz., 5rds, new, Known for its rugged reliability and stopping power, Charter’s Bulldog is a versatile revolver for pers... (read more) Gun … $407.99. There new line are mostly 357/38spls from recent gun m,ag article they performed well. The Undercover is offered in nickel. That's the "Big 3" of quality back-up! World’s First Rimless Revolver (Or Not): Charter Arms Pit Bull. Charter Arms Undercover Lite Lavender Lady Revolver Single/Double 38 Special . Charter Arms Introduces New Chic Lady and Chic Lady Off Duty .38s. The 1976 issue of Gun Digest lists for the first time the Charter Arms Police Bulldog, which is a 6-shot 38 Special with a 4 inch barrel, a full-length ejector rod, an enclosed ejector housing, and an adjustable rear sight. It looks old school with the tapered 3-inch barrel, exposed ejector rod, and checkered walnut grips. World famous for their Bulldog model. The very first Charter Arms product was a five-shot, double-action, snub-nose revolver in .38 Special called the Undercover. I carried these two revolvers everywhere on a daily basis comfortably concealed for several years and never felt compelled to … Charter Arms Co. is an American manufacturer of revolvers founded in 1964. Charter Arms to Introduce Son of Son of Sam Bulldog 44. For a while now I've been off-and-on considering getting a Charter Arms revolver. What I like about this revolver is its compact size and .44 Special caliber. I realize that the company has had a bit of a shaky history until the 2000s and that some of the negativity stems from lousier quality control from their earlier era. The Bulldog On Duty shown here retails for $436.00. CHARTER ARMS make some durable and accurate revolvers usually lightweight and made well given an option for the S&W, Rugger or Colt snub noses. Charter Arms has been around since 1964. Out of stock. Add to Wishlist However, I've heard both good and bad stories about the guns. A second gun seemed like better insurance, so I put my faith in two five-shot revolvers, one in .44 Special and the other in .38 Special, both from Charter Arms.

$396.12. Ammunition is available and Charter Arms even sells a holster for this gun.

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