Pripyat was not sealed off, just the plant itself, as many people self-evacuated early. The series states that none of the people who watched the Chernobyl explosion from a nearby bridge survived and that highway is now known as The Bridge of Death…
A scene from the chilling Sky Atlantic drama Chernobyl Credit: ©Sky UK Ltd/HBO Although officials put the death toll at 28, with a further 15 … And that, in the subsequent years, every person who stood on that bridge died.

The railroad path is now known as The Bridge of Death. The 5 things HBO's Chernobyl got wrong about the world's worst nuclear disaster. The Chernobyl nuclear disaster was the screw-up to end all screw-ups, playing a part in more than 93,000 deaths and turning the northern Ukrainian region uninhabitable. Land. About. The “Bridge of Death” The unforgivably late response of the authorities meant that citizens of Pripyat were out in the open after the accident — and some did go to the so-called “bridge … People talk about the “bridge of death,” about the idea that a load of residents of Pripyat went out to stand on this railway bridge, which stood at the top of Lenina Prospekt, the main boulevard into the city, and watched the burning reactor from that standpoint. A most likely fictional internet story (Photo Source: EffedUpStories YouTube 2015) The Blackbird of Chernobyl is a most likely fictional internet legend about a dark winged creature with glowing red eyes allegedly seen in Ukraine in the weeks leading up to Chernobyl Disaster of April 26th 1986.

A cloud of radioactive material settled over Ukraine and Belarus after a critical failure blew apart a Chernobyl Nuclear Power Station reactor in 1986.

The Bridge of Death scene is fictional, as is the depiction of the Red Forest dying instantly while being affected by the same fallout as Pripyat. Chernobyl and the exclusion zone is a two hour drive from Kiev. The Bridge Of Death is contested point among historians, hence why the show covered its tracks with the ‘reported’ spin.

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