series, Harley Quinn. Kite Man claims he has known Condiment King for a long time, and they have been arch-enemies for just as long. Kite Man and Condiment King have a very bitter rivalry going, with Kite Man being bullied for, well, being a joke. Condiment King has weapons that shoot out various condiments, he's been known to use his knowledge to cause anaphylactic shock. Charles (Chuck) Brown as a kid always had a strange fascination with kites. Kite Man (Charles "Chuck" Brown) is a fictional supervillain appearing in comic books published by DC Comics.His name is an homage to Peanuts protagonist Charlie Brown.The character has been generally regarded as a joke in comparison with other supervillains, due to his lack of super-powers, dimwitted personality, and simply the concept behind him.

He seems to be somewhat unstable, constantly chanting the catch-phrase "Kite Man, hell yeah!

This version is referred to as Charles, Chuck, and Charlie Brown. Cool as these evil-doers are, they are NOTHING compared to the badassitude of the super cool Kite Man and Condiment King. Throughout the DC Rebirth era, Kite-Man has had a far more expansive presence in modern Gotham City. He was exactly what he sounded like, a kite-themed villain who tried to pretend he was something of a threat. Condiment King The Condiment King is a fictional DC Comics supervillain who is generally used as comic relief.

", a reference to his son, Charles Brown Jr.'s reaction to the first time he tried flying a kite. Kite Man is a major character of the T.V. It sucks when even small-timers don't respect you, but on the bright side, Kite Man is off to see the Gotham Corn Factory with Ivy as it's the perfect venue in his eyes. Now, you'll look at images of them and think to yourself "Wait a minute, they don't look cool at all, they look quite stupid", and you'd be right. DC Universe's Harley Quinn season 2, episode 4, "Thawing Hearts", revealed that Kite Man's nemesis is the one supervillain with an even stupider gimmick than himself; the uncanny Condiment King. A simple utterance that took the comic world by storm when writer Tom King reintroduced the lesser-known villain in the early pages of his Batman run. Batman uses him as a double agent, but this puts Kite-Man in a dangerous position, which culminates when the Riddler murders his son. May isn’t short for anything, so no one will ever ask what her full name is, but she’ll constantly live with the knowledge that she was named after a condiment. Condiment King: I want to name my daughter Mayonnaise and shorten it to May.
Overjoyed to be able to help, Kite Man flew to her aid and tossed a hot sauce packet in the giant's eye, resulting in … “The thing about Kite Man,” King said at San Diego, and then changed the tack of his sentence. He used his crimes to commit various robberies which attracted the attention of Batman and Robin. Kite-Man first appeared in Dick Sprang-illustrated story in Batman #133 (Aug 1960). "Dude, someone took Kite Man very seriously to create him!" “That was created as a joke.

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