David Frum; May 1, 2020 Drop of Light / Shutterstock / The Atlantic The Very Real Threat of Trump’s Deepfake. In this episode of the podcast, Sam Harris speaks with David Frum about the shifting political landscape. In a thread on Twitter, David Frum said reports that the White House is now pivoting its pandemic messaging to focus on the economy showed Trump is “consciously choosing to risk higher virus casualties” in the second quarter of 2020 “in hope of jolting the economy into revival in Q3 to save his re-election” in November. CNN commentator David Frum hit President Trump over his health this past weekend.

He discusses Trump’s handling of … Here is what he said: "Propublica published a list of seven things that the experts recommended before America can open safely and up in have been done and …

Read him at the Atlantic. Author David Frum says the 'massive economic damage' of COVID-19 could have an impact on Trump's re-election bid, but that … Follow him on Twitter. David Frum, staff writer for the Atlantic and former George W. Bush speechwriter, joins Matt’s Zoom call to talk about his new book, ‘Trumpocalypse.’ Get Trumpocalypse.

Calling him the fattest president who can’t even pick up a ball, David Frum then went on to say that Hillary Clinton was a “vivacious” woman. David Frum started his statement by referencing this incredible article by Propublica that talked about the 7 things Governors must do as they reopen their economies. Get the latest on David Frum from Rachel Maddow, Lawrence O'Donnell, Chris Hayes, Chris Matthews, Al Sharpton, Joe Scarborough. David Frum, senior editor at The Atlantic, joins BNN Bloomberg to provide his view on the Trump impeachment controversy, tensions with China and how things could play out in the 2020 U.S. election. In 2001 and 2002, he was a speechwriter for President George W. Bush. David Frum, former speechwriter and special assistant to President George W Bush, talks about his new book Trumpocalypse: Restoring American Democracy. Trumpocalypse is both a warning of danger and a guide to reform that will be read and discussed for years to come. David Frum is a staff writer at The Atlantic and the author of Trumpocalypse: Restoring American Democracy . David Frum shows how—and inspires all readers of all points of view to believe again in the possibilities of American life.

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