Flashback devices that are commonly used are past narratives by characters, depictions and references of dreams and memories and a sub device known as authorial sovereignty wherein the author directly chooses to refer to a past occurrence by bringing it up in a straightforward manner. b. This should be achieved through not breaking up the continuity of the story as a whole. A trigger should be a subtle way of introducing flashbacks into a story. The earlier events often take the form of reminiscence. n. 1. a. Flashback, in motion pictures and literature, narrative technique of interrupting the chronological sequence of events to interject events of earlier occurrence. Introduce a trigger into the story. Flashback (literary technique) synonyms, Flashback (literary technique) pronunciation, Flashback (literary technique) translation, English dictionary definition of Flashback (literary technique). A literary or cinematic device in which an earlier event is inserted into the normal chronological order of a narrative. The flashback technique is as old as Western literature. Flashback is used to create a background to the present situation, place or person. Flashbacks in Literature Authors use flashbacks as a means of adding background information in the present events of their story. Use the flashback technique in a way that will link the present with the past in a meaningful way.

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