A private cluster require VPC network peering. Does your cluster have "VPC-native (alias IP) Enabled" ? The peer network may belong to a different project.
I've created a VPC network peering connecting both VPC's. »Argument Reference The following arguments are supported: name - (Required) Name of the peering.. network - (Required) The primary network of the peering.. peer_network - (Required) The peer network in the peering. A VPC-native cluster is a GKE Cluster that uses alias IP ranges, in that it allocates IP addresses from a block known to GCP. This way we can first exclude the VPC part and then focus on the Clusters communications. As called out, private nodes do not have outbound access. I created two VPC, enabled VPC peering and instantaneously they are communicating (they exchanged the routes automatically). The network folder contains the manifest files and deployment manager templates to setup networks.

if you SSH into one node, type toolbox and try to ping a node in the other VPC, does it pings? . – willrof May 19 at 19:22 Why? In the case some microservices wanted to access other microservices resources, not in the central GKE cluster, they’d have to create a VPC peering, making statics groups of VPCs. The gke-to-gke-peering and gke-to-gke-vpn folders each contain a project. The gke-cluster-name-all rule allows all traffic from the address range, which is the range being used by pods launched on the worker nodes. I have two GKE clusters (cluster-A and cluster-B) each of then in a different VPC. Defaults to

README files exist for the above examples; gke-to-gke-peering/README.md and gke-to-gke-vpn/README.md .
Yes, what you have described is possible, as long as the destination routes in VPC-A match up with actual full subnets in the destination VPCs. When using an alias range, pod addresses are natively routable within GCP, and VPC networks can ensure that the IP range the cluster uses is reserved. While your VPC network contains the cluster nodes, a separate VPC network in a google owned project contains the master. The gke-cluster-name-vms rule allows all udp, tcp, and icmp traffic from any subnet on the default VPC and the additional subnet range of created for the services running on the Kubernetes cluster. export_custom_routes - (Optional) Whether to export the custom routes to the peer network.

Pings from VPC-A reach VPC-B endpoint and VPC-C endpoint successfully, even though both VPC-B and VPC-C have the same overarching CIDR block allocated to them.

I am struggling to make Services become visible though peered VPC. A private cluster can use an internal load balancer to accept traffic from within an VPC network.

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