Perhaps the… Continue reading » During chol ha-moed (intermediate days) of Sukkot we recite a full Hallel but during chol ha-moed of Pesach (and also Rosh Chodesh and some other days) we recite a "half Hallel" (really more like 85% hallel).Sukkot and Pesach are both chagim (festivals) and so I would naively expect them to have the same liturgical status. In addition to Hallel, some congregations will recite part of or all of the biblical Shir Ha-Shirim ("Song of Songs" in Hebrew) which are another group of love poems attributed to … Moses, keenly aware of the failure in leadership that led to this disaster, reasonably asks for God’s help and direction. Shabbat Chol haMo'ed Pesach Commentary From: Chol HaMo'ed Pesach. Is it possible that the annual recitation of Ezekiel 37:1-14 is yet another footprint the early believers left behind in Jewish tradition? Prepare a candle or flame that will be able to burn safely for more than 24 hours. Hallel: Chol HaMoed Pesach: The Hallel of The Journey Written by Rabbi Simcha Weinberg Below are the links to Hallel for Chol HaMoed Pesach: Because of technical issues, you may have to go to the bottom of the page to find:

33:12-34:26), starts after the story of the Golden Calf. Special additional prayer is said in the morning - Hallel, Musaf. I can think of a couple possibilities: The reason for this is because all the Musaf sacrifices were the same on all the days of Pesach. Pesach, like Sukkot, has the structure of "main holiday", followed by "Intermediate Days" (Chol HaMoed), followed by "main holiday". Chol HaMoed Pesach or Chol Ha-Moed Pesach (also transliterated from Hebrew as: ... (Psalms 113-118 inclusive). Fourth day of Chol Hamoed Eve of the 7th day of Pesach: Friday April 2 Erev Yom Tov 20 Nissan: We do not put on Tefilin today. Musaf: [32] The Musaf of Chol Hamoed follows the same dialect as Musaf of Yom Tov of the 1 st day of Pesach, with exception that when the Musaf sacrifice is mentioned in the prayer, one begins from “Vehikravtam” and not from “Ubachimasha Asar Yom”. The Torah reading for this intermediate Shabbat of Passover, Chol HaMo-eid Pesach (Ex. Special additional prayer is said in the morning - Hallel, Musaf. Why the difference? Chol HaMoed (Hebrew: חול המועד ‎), a Hebrew phrase meaning "weekdays [of] the festival" (literal translation: "the secular [non-holy] (part of) the occasion" or "application of the occasion"), refers to the intermediate days of Passover and Sukkot.As the name implies, these days mix features of "chol" (weekday or secular) and "moed" (festival).

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