The woman who made that happen was Margaret Sanger (1879–1966), the founder of the American Birth Control League, the fore- runner of Planned Parenthood Federation of America (Chesler, 1992). Birth Control – History of the Pill • 1 In the middle of the 20thcentury, an age-old quest for safe and effective oral contraception was realized. The Birth Control Pill A History. Oral Contraceptives: The History of Birth Control Pills Early Contraception Methods .

Ancient Egyptian women are credited with attempting the first form of birth control using... Margaret Sanger . The First Birth Control Pill The first birth control was called Enovid and was manufactured by Searle. Soon, Enovid would usher in a new era of sexual autonomy for women. Birth Control and Women's Liberation Development on the birth control pill began in 1950, when Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger approached a scientist named Gregory Pincus to … 1914-1921 Activist Margaret Sanger coins the term “birth control,” opens first birth control clinic in Brownsville, Brooklyn, and starts the American Birth Control League… Inside was Enovid, the world’s first birth control pill.
The 1960s woman, as well as women today, liked the pill because it provided a reversible method of birth control that was, and still is today, almost 100% effective when taken as directed.

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