I tried to boost him up to match a Primaris marine in size. A battle erupted, during which Honsou mortally wounded Vaanes, but the Iron Warriors were in turn defeated by what appeared to be the ghost of Remus Ventanus and the Legion of the Damned. Graham is to blame for writing great books about Iron Warriors making them a believable force and the characters are just fabulous. Honsou’s work in progress. Like most of his ilk, he gets shit done. Evil shit. With his Iron Warriors dead, Honsou activated the trigger for the bombs intended to destroy the tomb, burying Ventris and his allies. Notable for being the eternal rival of Uriel Ventris and creating one of the grimmest, darkest things in 40K, which is a huge accomplishment considering the amount of Grimdark in the setting already. Then I made a suitable cork base to get him up a bit higher also. Honsou is a Warsmith of the Iron Warriors Chaos Space Marines. The chronology focuses on the main antagonist within the chapter, the mighty and genius leader Honsou who carves his name's fame and … This stage of the battle would be where each warrior sought to gauge the measure of the other, searching for signs of weakness or fear to be exploited. Although Ventris, The Iron Warriors omnibus was written by Graham McNeill, a collection of stories, a novelette, and a full novel about the iron-willed, siege-mastering Iron Warriors, a Chaos Space Marine chapter that is considered one of the most dangerous enemies to all. Honsou knew he would find neither in these two opponents, … On the final day of the Skull Harvest, the three warriors stepped into the arena, clad in their armour and each armed with their weapon of choice. ADB for making some of the imperial elements seem grim and just as horrible as the Chaos forces. Iron Warriors: The Complete Honsou Omnibus, Graham McNeill, Black Library. And Warsmith Honsou's warband of Iron Warriors. Des milliers de livres avec la livraison chez vous en 1 jour ou en magasin avec -5% de réduction .

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