_ Mr Dolphus Raymond is a wealthy white man who owns one whole side of the riverbank. Dolphus Raymond is one of Harper Lee's white characters in To Kill A Mockingbird. dolphus raymond is a white man who chose to marry a black woman and have "mixed" children.

What is significant about Mr. Dolphus Raymond?

He pretends to be a drunk so that the townspeople will have a way to more comfortably explain his behavior and life choices. He is white but prefers the company of black people.

He is from an old family, but lives with his coloured partner and their mixed children. Mr. Dolphus Raymond is a rich, white man who lives in Maycomb. Mixed children are half black and half white. It is not until the trial of Tom Robinson that Scout encounters Mr. Dolphus Raymond a pariah in the white community of Maycomb, although he is from one of the "better families."

Mr. Dolphus Raymond Character Analysis Next Mayella Ewell A white man who, for much of the novel, Scout and most people in Maycomb believe is always drunk.

Mr. Dolphus Raymond Mr. Dolphus Raymond is a very important part of chapter sixteen because he and his family represent all of the mixed race Americans at the time.
Maycomb seems to be a perfect southern town with its very distinct line between the treatment of whites and the treatments of blacks. Mr. Dolphus Raymond is a character in the book To Kill a Mockingbird. Dolphus is a white man living with a black woman. Dolphus was previously engaged to a white woman who committed suicide. Mr. Dolphus Raymond is a wealthy white member of the Maycomb community.

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