In the short, "Come Blow Your Dough," Ogee was allowed to take Magilla home as a pet, but her parents compelled her to return him to the pet shop.

"), who, unfortunately, could never convince her parents to let her keep Magilla (during the cartoon's theme song, "We've Got a Gorilla for Sale", Ogee would always ask hopefully, "How much is that gorilla in the window?" 4.0 out of 5 stars four stars because i like Magilla Gorilla Reviewed in the United States on February 7, 2018 four stars because i like Magilla Gorilla, wouldve been five stars if it would have been the entire show with Richochet Rabbit and the rest. The only customer who was truly interested in obtaining the trouble-prone ape for keeps was a little girl named Ogee and pronounced "Oh Gee! She is a sweet little girl who constantly asks to buy Magilla from Peebles' Pet Shop, despite having too little money. About Ogee . Magilla Gorilla is a gorilla who spends his time languishing in the front display window of Melvin Peebles' pet shop, eating bananas and being a drain on the businessman's finances. Ogee is a character on The Magilla Gorilla Show. The only real hope for Magilla was a little girl named Ogee who always wanted to buy Magilla but never seemed to have enough money.

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