Rhymes Lyrics and poems Near rhymes Phrase rhymes Synonyms / Related Phrases [Example sentences] Descriptive words Definitions Same consonants Example sentences from Wikipedia that use the word outstanding : Lists. The union feels there are still a number of outstanding issues to be resolved before a vote is put to its members. Tiger Williams is an outstanding golfer, the best of his time. The outstanding list of example sentences with outstanding. use "outstanding" in a sentence. outstanding has a … Under Macy's previous sales training program, associates were given scripted steps in making a sale, such as "smile," "thank the customer," and "always say the word ' outstanding.'" outstanding in a sentence - 30. definitions. Your essay was outstanding, your best ever. This is sense 2 in the definition linked below. Whistler is an outstanding ski resort of great natural beauty. outstanding: Remaining, in existence. outstanding work in a sentence - 9. outstanding / examples. synonyms. He is an outstanding basketball player, probably the best in the country.

examples "So I believe that she has done outstanding work here" "It is outstanding work that they have done" "You've done outstanding work over the years, Warrick" … How to use outstanding work in a sentence. For securities, in the hands of investors.

It depends on which definition you are using… Outstanding, as in, “The phone bill received yesterday showed an outstanding balance of $128.64.” Outstanding, in this case, indicating what is owed. antonyms. As I read your examples, this is the meaning I get from them. In one meaning of outstanding you could say it is describing things that stand out compared to other things. Lists.

synonyms. For debt, not yet paid. The outstanding work list of example sentences with outstanding work. definitions. ‘Nepal is also, of course, a country of outstanding natural beauty.’ ‘I understood this land was an area of outstanding natural beauty.’ ‘The Lake District National Park is an area of outstanding natural beauty that is protected for the benefit of the nation as a whole.’ antonyms. How to use outstanding in a sentence. An example of how to use it in a sentence is the contestant received stellar marks across the board.

When you use the phrase: tracking the outstanding items.
Sentence with the word outstanding. outstanding work / examples. Stellar means exceptionally good or outstanding.

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