BROCKTON- Peter R. Marciano, 48, of Brockton, passed away Monday, December 21, 2015 in Brockton. “He was the greatest.” Following knockouts of Lee Savold, Gino Buonvino, Bernie Reynolds and Harry “Kid” Matthews in 1952, Rocky got his shot at the top: Walcott. “He had good mechanics, but he couldn’t throw at all. Peter Marciano Jr. would come by occasionally for a sandwich at George's Cafe, where the walls are covered with Rocky Marciano memorabilia, and … “That was the worst day of my life,” he recalls. “He was always a long-ball hitter with a very weak arm’’ said younger brother Peter Marciano. Peter Marciano said that if Rocky were around, he’d probably make very little of it and “applaud what Larry had done. Peter Marciano recalls Muhammad Ali and Joe Louis mourning his brother at the wake in Florida. His father, Pierino, worked at a shoe factory. His mother's name was Pasqualena. Holmes was refering to Rocky apparently padding his record by fighting his brother `Peter Marciano on at least 4 or 5 occasions so as to boost his record, his brother … He was 48. Marciano retired in 1956 after 49 straight wins and according to his younger brother, that should also be Mayweather’s record.

“Tell me something about my brother,” Peter Marciano asked the former heavyweight champion following Rocky’s death in 1969. “I remember a journalist came up to them at the wake and …

Professional boxer and world heavyweight champion Rocky Marciano from US was the only champion who retired undefeated.

Peter Marciano recalls Muhammad Ali and Joe Louis mourning his brother at the wake in Florida. “He was the greatest, Peter,” Louis answered. Peter Marciano Sr. knew this was a lie. He worked many different jobs to help his family, including as a dishwasher, in a candy factory, as a … When Marciano didn’t make the cut following his discharge from the Army, he went back home to Brockton and started on the path of a boxing career that brought him to the top of the sport. Rocky would spend much of his life making sure she would not live in the poverty he had known growing up. August 1969 in der Nähe von Newton, Iowa) war ein US-amerikanischer Boxer italienischer Abstammung. Peter Marciano recalls Muhammad Ali and Joe Louis mourning his brother at the wake in Florida. (I was able to recreate those sessions by interviewing two people who were there: Peter Marciano, Rocky’s brother, and Ali’s then-wife Belinda, now Khalilah Ali. Rocky had two brothers, Louis (aka Sonny) and Peter, and three sisters, Alice, Concetta and … “Before we opened our gym, I actually called Peter Marciano (Rocky’s brother),’’ said Mike Cappiello. Born in a poor family, Rocky understood the value of money and spent his entire life ensuring that he could give all the comforts to his family, especially his mother. Just before Marciano died, just three weeks after filming, his brother Peter asked him: "How do you think you'll do in that fight?" "I'm a winner in 13," said Marciano, grinning. Peter R. Marciano, a nephew of boxing great Rocky Marciano who built his own legend as an athletic star and civic leader of Brockton, died Monday in his hometown. Daughter of Brockton boxer Rocky Marciano dies at 58 .

He was 48. Mike Cappiello, a former boxer and now a trainer, said he is doing what Rocky Marciano would have been doing, getting young people involved in the fight game.

(Stanley A. Bauman) Rocky Marciano knocks down Archie Moore on Sept. 21, 1955, in New York to win by a knockout in the ninth round to retain his world heavyweight title. Peter Marciano describes what life is like when your brother is a boxing legend AT first glance there’s nothing immediately conspicuous about the date April 27, 1956. Peter R. Marciano, a nephew of boxing great Rocky Marciano who built his own legend as an athletic star and civic leader of Brockton, died Monday in his hometown. He was the husband of Justine (Choukas) Marciano.Born January 18, … Rocky Marciano, eigentlich Rocco Francis Marchegiano, (* 1.September 1923 in Brockton, Massachusetts; † 31. Marciano's brother Peter told Sportsworld's Sarah Mulkerrins whether Mayweather's name will stand the test of time and how Rocky would have reacted to his record being equalled if he was alive today. Rocky Marciano was born Rocco Francis Marchegiano on September 1, 1923, in Brockton, Massachusetts. Insgesamt konnte er 87,76 % seiner Gegner vorzeitig besiegen, er erreicht somit die höchste K.-o.-Quote aller Schwergewichtsweltmeister in der Geschichte des Profiboxens. He was 48. Sports were a big deal, he said, especially since his uncle was Rocky Marciano, one of the boxing greats that gave the “City of Champions” its name, and his brother Peter was a … “I had lost my brother Rocky in a plane crash, but this somehow was worse.

Speakers included Marciano's brother, Peter Marciano; Nick Sylvester, a friend of both men; and retired boxers Jimmy Connors, Tony DeMarco and Mike Pusateri, one of Colombo's fighters. ... one special person encouraged Rocky Marciano Jr. to get involved in sports: his older sister, Mary Anne. Rocky Marciano and his wife, Barbara, are served a celebratory pasta dinner by Rocky's mother Pasqualena Marchegiano after one of Marciano's fights in 1951. He was 48.

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