Proper usage and audio pronunciation (plus IPA phonetic transcription) of the word reprise. Emilio Estevez is hitting the ice once again. (noun) A chorus in a song that is repeated several times throughout the song is an example of a reprise. Did You Know? <3. How to use reprise in a sentence. ‘The words are also haunted by Dickens's fear of a reprise of a violent social revolution akin to that experienced in France in the last decade of the eighteenth century.’ ‘Boris Karloff, who played the monster first in Frankenstein, turned down a reprise of the role because he feared the monster would only be demeaned and denigrated.’ Nintendo doesn't like spending on VAs anyway, won't be surprised if they don't even ask her. What does reprise mean? reprise definition: 1. a repeat of something or part of something, especially a piece of music 2. to repeat a song…. Learn more. I'd imagine that Nintendo of America wouldn't spend a dime if Jenna wants an actual salary. EXCLUSIVE: While there is not a Man of Steel sequel in the works, we’re hearing that Henry Cavill is in talks to reprise his Superman role in the Warner Bros DC Universe.

Michael Urie reprises his role in a livestreamed one-night-only performance of Buyer & Cellar tonight, April 19, at 8pm! The actor is set to reprise the role of Gordon Bombay, which he played in the original “Mighty Ducks” features, for the new sequel series c… I'd like to believe that some day, playing a role like this in a game wont be seen as stepping down or whatever. reprise synonyms, reprise pronunciation, reprise translation, English dictionary definition of reprise. Charlize Theron delighted fans with her portrayal of the formidable Furiosa in Mad Max: Fury Road. Definition of reprise in the Dictionary. ; Ad bumpers for MeTV feature stars of the shows they broadcast saying "Watch me on ME." In the Japanese version of the Direct, you can hear Melia's voice behind the narrator but not in the US. reprise (third-person singular simple present reprises, present participle reprising, simple past and past participle reprised) ( obsolete , transitive ) To take (something) up or on again. Henry Cavill is in talks about reprising his role as Superman. to repeat; in music: a return to the first theme Not to be confused with: reprisal – retaliation against an enemy; redress; revenge n. If you’re asked to reprise your role as "kid entertainer" at the annual family reunion, that means people want you to do it again this year. Reprisal definition is - a retaliatory act. Melia is my fave. reprise meaning: 1. a repeat of something or part of something, especially a piece of music 2. to repeat a song…. Learn more. The actor also had a … Reprise definition is - a musical repetition:. The Batman OnStar Commercials sees the late Michael Gough reprise his role from the Batman film series as Alfred. Define reprise. How to use reprisal in a sentence.

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