After his disastrous field-trip to Cobargo, Scotty from Marketing has returned with a secret weapon which he is certain will win the adulation he needs to score some decent handshake footage for the next LNP TV commercial montage: palm cards containing quotes from … Employer Implementation Guide Get started with Premium access Review Your Ticket Submissions View all of your ticket submissions and updates save hide report. Scotty from Marketing is still looking for that handshake. save hide report. This comes after Prime Minister Scotty from Marketing turned up in the Darling Downs with a pool noodle, a Wahu footy and an upbeat attitude. Scotty from Marketing is still looking for that handshake.

0:00. 100% Upvoted. Sort by. Morrison, a former head of Tourism Australia had been lampooned on social media as “Scotty from Marketing” for his spin-heavy turn of phrase. Settings.


Fullscreen. Or maybe a fist bump. Posted by 20 days ago. Scotty from marketing gets a text. comment. Scotty from Marketing has been urged to do something.

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Students. I can't find the full video anymore but there was a reddit thread on it when it happened. Log in or sign up to leave a comment log in sign up. 0:00.

Settings. 203. Address the nation, stand up there next to someone doing sign language, bring in the army, fucken anything. School Implementation Guide Your one-stop shop for launching Handshake! share.

Following torrential rain in the region, Scotty decided to visit the town of Dalby to cheer up locals and get a few photos, like he’s did across the Summer when he wasn’t flying … Hire the next generation of talent. ... Scotty from Marketing is still looking for that handshake. Days after being impressively snubbed by the devastated residents of the smoking ruin of the town of Cobargo, Scotty from Marketing is heading back to try again. Posted by. View Comments. Play. share. 100% Upvoted. 199. They weren’t ready for the commitment of a handshake. “It was too much, too soon. u/Absolute_Drongo. 0:00. Employers.

182. share. Career Centers.


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I’m going to try for a high-five and just work my way up from there.

0:00. Fullscreen. Play. The head of Marketing at the Federal Government of Australia has raised eyebrows today.

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