All the best, [Your Name] A Thank You Note With Specific Examples. 1) More than how much you deserve the promotion, the promotion deserves a fantastic person like you.

Your confidence in my abilities means a great deal to me. Many thanks for the promotion that I have just received “. Example #20: Thank you for the promotion letter [Boss name], Thank you for creating a new position for me and the promotion with it.

Your frank advice and earnest support have been significant factors in my development. Thanks again for recognizing my contribution with this promotion. Congratulations. Your support has changed my life. A Formal Thank You Note. Dear Mr./Ms. Thank you for trusting in my abilities and recognizing my passion.

A thank you letter for promotion is the least you can do to show your gratitude for their services. My work is essential for the way that the company has taken and I will make it shine with all my dedication. While they might consider the role they played in your promotion a minor one, they will appreciate the recognition. Dear [Name], It's been a pleasure to learn and grow under your leadership. More Sample Thank You Letters for Promotion. – “Thank you for giving me a special recognition in this occasion. _____: I am writing to thank you for my recent promotion. Dear [Name], Your support in pushing it through with upper management and human resources has been amazing. I look forward to continuing to work together. 2) More responsibilities, tighter deadlines, bigger targets and working back till late – this is what a promotion really means.

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