The Shattering, that was released on 21st April, 2020, has the privilege to be the first game, of this genre, being ever produced by the studio.

With well-designed levels and a properly written story, this game is neither too long nor too short. You spend a whole lot more time gathering things, since they're all so far away and on distant islands, which is a different thing.

I don't think it's good or bad, but different. The Shattering Review | Final Thoughts Aw yeah, ready for some Choco Flakes.

Going through a broken mind is a sensitive subject matter and it was handled respectfully. The Shattering will be available on the platform of PC, for now, and it can be downloaded via Steam for $7.37. Game Review: The Shattering Falls to Pieces. The card game doesn't seem to interest me as much as the first one, I find myself just doing auto-resolve, so.... that's a thing. Fight the Fear of Missing Out 2019 Tabletop Game Gift Guide GenCon 2019: A Retrospect Improvising for Game Masters Preview: Monumental Is it Okay for a … By Antal Bokor on April 20, 2020 • ( Leave a comment) Screenshot: The Shattering. That doesn't have to be a bad thing, … That or the story is so obtuse that it’s just not worth the effort. But ultimately, the intention to try (more broad, sweeping brushstrokes applied to that word) is the only real positive you can afford a game like The Shattering.

The Shattering Review | Final Thoughts Aw yeah, ready for some Choco Flakes. The story is good, but it certainly has some problems. Schon vor zwei Jahren sollte der Psychodrama-Walking Simulator The Shattering des kleinen polnischen Entwicklerstudios SuperSexySoftware erscheinen. The Shattering Review: A Beautiful Mind The Shattering offers a beautiful, tactful, and mind-bending self-examination of the mind that can frighten as effectively as it …

The game would have been much more enjoyable without the iffy pixel hunting segments, which seemed to do nothing but hold up the story. Mayıs 26, 2020 Mayıs 26, 2020 Leave a Comment on The Shattering (ACTUAL Game Review) It’s not often that I play a walking simulator that really grabs me. Its defining features are the dynamic environments, beautiful aesthetic and … I’m not going to sugar-coat it, The Shattering is a game that tackles serious psychological issues and it doesn’t hold back, either.

Retrouvez le test de The Shattering : Une réussite formelle qui manque parfois de fond sur PC du 25/04/2020. The Shattering (ACTUAL Game Review) Date: April 29, 2020 Author: cublikefoot.

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