So when someone who has already been caught twice gets caught a third time, it's his Third Strike, and he goes to jail for a minimum of 25 years. Their lyrics were primarily based upon the former lives of the group's members. 1. dropped third strike. What Is The Definition Of Dropped Third Strike In Baseball?

3rd Strike was a nu metal group, started by Jim Korthe (lead singer), Todd Deguchi (guitar), Erik Carlsson (guitar), PJ McMullan (drums) and Gabe Hammersmith (bass). In May, 2002, they released their debut and only album, Lost Angel. This refers to when the catcher drops a third strike onto the dirt, whether it was a called strike or if the batter swings and misses on a pitch. The pitcher is still credited with a strikeout, but if first base is not already occupied by a baserunner, the batter may then try to run to first. In California, there is a Three-Strikes-Law, where a person gets 25 years to life after his/her 3rd felony.

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