It would stand as the most severe riot … The term Watts Riots of 1965 refers to a large-scale riot which lasted 6 days in the Watts neighborhood of Los Angeles, California, in August 1965. Mobs did the most property damage in Watts during the turmoil. He said the current protests look vastly different. The Watts riots, sometimes referred to as the Watts Rebellion, took place in the Watts neighborhood of Los Angeles from August 11 to 16, 1965.. On August 11, 1965, Marquette Frye, an African-American motorist on parole for robbery, was pulled over for reckless driving. Since the years immediately following World War II (1939–45), middle-class white Americans had been leaving the cities for nearby suburbs. History of Watts ... 1965 into what were commonly known as the Watts Riots.

A minor roadside argument broke out, which then escalated into a fight with police. In 1965, the Watts Riots tore through neighborhoods. That wasn't enough. It started with an interaction with police, and ended with 34 dead and $40 million worth of property damage. On August 11, 1965, Los Angeles's South Central neighborhood of Watts became a scene of the greatest example of racial tension America had seen. Their acquittal sparked the 1992 LA Riots, a huge civil disturbance that covered 32-square-miles, from the Hollywood Hills to Long Beach. [Sign up for California Today, our daily newsletter from the Golden State.] As a result of several days of rioting, more than 50 people were … The event that precipitated the disturbances, the arrest of a black youth by the California Highway Patrol on drunk-driving charges, actually occurred outside of Watts.

Watts is a neighborhood in the city of Los Angeles in South L.A. and one of the 272 neighborhoods in Mapping L.A., the Los Angeles Times’ resource for boundaries, … Race Riots of the 1960sIn the early 1960s, African Americans in cities nationwide were growing frustrated with the high level of poverty in their communities. Source for information on Race Riots of the 1960s: U*X*L Encyclopedia of U.S. History dictionary. Universal Newsreel: Troops …

National guardsman in a jeep patrol a rubble-strewn street in the Watts neighborhood after a several-day long riot, Los Angeles, California, mid August, 1965.
Watts Riots Background: The Watts Riot, which raged for six days and resulted in more than forty million dollars worth of property damage, was both the largest and costliest urban rebellion of the Civil Rights era. The Watts Riots began on August 11, 1965, in Watts, a neighborhood in Los Angeles, when Lee Minikus, a California Highway Patrol motorcycle officer, pulled over African American Marquette Frye on suspicion of driving while intoxicated.

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