This webpage is designed to serve as a clearing house of information related to western bean cutworm (WBC) biology, behavior, and management in both corn and dry bean agroecosystems. Pest Symptoms. Western bean cutworm historically occurred in cornfields of the Great Plains, but has moved into the central and eastern Corn Belt. Unlike other cutworms, the western bean cutworm is a late-season pest of corn. Leaf and whorl feeding by small stage larvae. It feeds primarily on corn ears, chewing and scarring kernels, predisposing the ear to fungal and mold infections. Larvae are pests of dry beans in the western U.S. and Great Lakes region, and of corn in the Corn Belt. Here, you will find basic information about when and where WBC is found, how it damages corn and dry beans, and practical information regarding how to manage WBC populations in both crops. The western bean cutworm is a severe pest of corn and dry beans, affecting both crop yield and quality.

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