think before you commit yourself my dear. You meet, you hang out, if you like each other you hang out more and if not the friendship sizzles and fades. But, this guy already told you he doesn't want something serious, so if now he's saying "go with the flow", it's still the same end goal of a "sex buddy" for him. Can change his mind anytime depending on how the 'flow' goes. It means he is not ready for a commitment. 3. 4. He is dangerous because he is uncertain. There is already a natural flow involved in dating. Go for it. Anything other than the natural flow isn’t a flow at all. Guess it all depends what you said before this. You can’t control your emotions If you want something, say it. Go with the Flow" from a female perspective--"That SOB is afraid to commit! This Is Why You Should Never 'Go With The Flow' In A New Relationship. It’s caution, its control, its anything but natural. If you are looking for a guy to commit to, I would say move on!

"Go with the Flow" from a male perspective--"Lets see how well you can handle me belching,farting,leaving the toilet seat up and leaving empty beer cans and pizza boxes laying around the house before we commit." It might end badly, but pour your honest heart out to the one you love.

If he's talking about your relationship, then it either means that he feels you are moving too fast for him, or it means that he does not want to commit.

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