You cannot "buy" Chaos Emeralds in the games. There’s very little of the actual Minecraft in the game. You get Emeralds when you salvage any unwanted pieces of gear.

To obtain the block itself, the player must use Silk Touch ; otherwise, the block drops several lapis lazuli .

It would be much faster to trade the villager an item for emeralds instead of mining for emerald because so far, they are more rare than diamonds as stated by previous posts. howver, i do not know how to tell what level i am on. You'll find Emeralds in all chests and breakable jars. i understand the consept, 1 is as low as you can get, 160 or so is as high you can get, and 60 or so is sea levvel. A majority of the time, though, players do not actually get to do anything that involves using the emeralds directly.

You should also add the one chest pig per level, as this piggy bank erupts emeralds when broken open.

To see what level you are on, press F3 and look at the y-coordinate.

You can find Emerald chests hidden around the camp between each mission, each containing 50 Emeralds. You occasionally get Emeralds when killing enemies. Dig a staircase down to level 11. Some are more hidden than others; you'll need to scour every map!

Minecraft Dungeons isn’t the typical Minecraft experience. You can trade with villagers in the 1.3 update and I have heard one of the items they can trade is an emerald. Emerald Ore is approximately 1/40 as common as Diamond Ore (174 Emerald Ore in 2382 chunks, compared to 6637 Diamond Ore).

how do you do this?

But I don't think it's worth the time and materials you need to mine for Emeralds, since they are 1/40 times as common as diamonds. Before we delve any deeper, it is important to note that Minecraft Dungeons is procedural, which means that levels, paths, loot, and mobs are generated randomly every time that you play a level.

a lot of guides tell me to mine at level 16, but i dont know how to tell when i am there.

Don't dig straight down, or you'll probably fall in lava. a lot of guides for this game have mentioned levels.

The Soggy Cave is an excellent area to collect Emeralds and find … You’ll find plenty more guides for the game in the section below, so do check them out.

Emeralds, however, remain a Minecraft staple.

Each one gives you a lot of emeralds. Thanks for reading our Minecraft Dungeons emerald guide. Minecraft Dungeons contains hidden areas on most levels, and in this guide, we will take a look at a hidden area of Soggy Swamps.

Emeralds can be found anywhere from levels 4-32, but level 11 is best.

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