But today, where you can kitefoil in 5-7 knots, my stunt kite havent been used nomore.

the kite to recover after a disturbance out of the vertical plane. While flying upside down they present their talons upward in a defensive posture. Since the air pressure underneath the kite is now higher than over the kite, the kite gets pushed/sucked upward towards the lower pressure area. The moment the air goes over the kite it, due to a slight bulge in the shape of the kite, compresses between the kite under and steady air stream over, speeding up losing air pressure. Raptors like Harriers, Hawks, and Kites, while in pursuit of prey or while implementing defensive evasive aerial maneuvers, are also known to fly upside down. How To Fly A Kite... And Not Get Bored. Unusual, but there is no reason it won't work if adjusted properly. If the wing section has a conventional camber, inverted flight will not be terribly effective or efficient .. which is why many aerobatic aircraft have wing sections which tend more towards a symmetrical profile. For most Diamonds, the towing point (what I call your 'focal point' :-) should be around 25% of the distance down the vertical spar, from the nose of the kite. Just watching it fly, perhaps enjoying the subtle artistry of color and movement. Maybe even enjoying the feel of controlling an almost-living creature on the end of the line. Some, maybe most, people just enjoy the relaxing aspects of flying a single-line kite. It is a good exercise though, to get really fast and precise kitehandling in all dimensions especially upside down and sideways, can only recommend to fly these stunt kites Peter We will consider two cases which between them bring out the main points. All single line kites that aren’t under some sort of r

In fact, Ospreys will do the same thing. Your 4-string Diamond Kite OK, so you have put together a Diamond kite with a bridle line from each corner.

The first case to consider is what happens when the kite is flying “a bit to one side”, that is to say it is flying facing into the wind as usual but some-what to … Why Kites Don't Fly by Peter Lynn (Found in Kiting Magazine 2011 Vol 33 Issue 2) Thoughts on Single Line Kite Stability For a kite to fly on a single line, it must, as the most basic condition, have some way to detect which way is up.

There is no major aerodynamic problem with flying upside down (systems might be a consideration .. eg batteries, oil, fuel and so on).

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